Title of research project: The Suzuki Cross-Coupling Reaction of Secondary Alkyl Trifluoroboronate Reagents and Aryl Sulfonates

Research Objective:

Suzuki cross-coupling reactions involving aryl chlorides have been very difficult to perform with nucleophiles that have a sp3 hybridized carbon center especially in the case of using chiral molecules and retaining the original racemic form. The Gregory C. Fu and his group first overcame the problem of aryl chlorides’ little reactivity by employing metals with bulky, electron-rich ligands. (Fu et al, 2000) With recent findings in one of the labs of the City College of New York, such procedures for chiral molecules have been successfully developed. My research goal is to expand the scope of Suzuki cross-coupling reactions by perform further investigation in similar reactions with more easily prepared reagents.


Aryl sulfonates, as the electrophilesfor the cross-coupling reactions, will first be prepared. The reactions will then be preformed according to the previous procedures that were designed at City College for the similar reaction involving aryl chlorides. However, such procedure may adjusted accordingly for these reaction.


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