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My name is Jintao Chen and I am a year two students in the Advanced Science Research Program (ASR) in my high school, Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics. I am currently a junior and I have come to this country from China about five years ago. The reason that I am interested in studying Organometallic Chemistry is that I have always been amazed by the pharmaceutical industry because of their abilities to produce medicines that can be utilized in cancer therapies etc. By becoming a researcher in a relating field to this industry, I will be exposed to more knowledge and as well as more challenges that the medical research has encountered in recent era.

Achievements and Accomplishments:

  • Internship at Mount Sinai Hosipital, 2013
  • Research at UConn in Project Oceanology, 2013
  • Research at Hudson River in Oyster Studies, 2013

If you have any questions, please contact our ASR program director, Ms. Charlene Chan, via email,


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